The PVC Blanket Heater is an inexpensive accessory for any home or office use. When wrapped around a large section of PVC pipe by hand and fitted into a 120 V outlet, PVC Blanket Heaters allows users to bend it with ease and make PVC pipe pliable. Models F-3400 and F-3420 provide capacities of up to 4 in. and 3 in.

Choose From a Wide Variety of PVC Blanket Heater Products

There are two types of the PVC Blanket Heater available in the global pack size. One type is designed to be used as an extension to existing homes. The other one is designed to be installed at the construction site to provide additional warmth for workers on construction sites.

Some of the leading manufacturers of the PVC heater blanket are Eero, Miele, Sunbeam, K&N Heating Elements, Heaterica and Sunbeam. You can find these manufacturers online at reasonable prices. You can choose from their wide range of products including the PVC blanket heater blanket, hot air heating element, gas fireplace heater, chimney starter kit, fireplaces, outdoor patio heaters, outdoor gas heaters, wall and floor fans, corner fans, ceiling fans, portable room heaters and wood camp stoves. The manufacturer should mention the manufacturing process, material identification number (M.I. No.) and other relevant information.

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