Fifth, you will have to provide a company’s books and records. The most important part of the bookkeeping of the Company Registration is the balance sheet. Once the balance sheet is finalized, the company is given credit or a deficit. Sixth, you will have to provide the number of the accounts you have not consolidated. Furthermore, you must provide the names of the group of banks and the type of loan programs the company has been using.

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Seventh, you will have to give the name of the company’s agent. That is, you will have to give the full name of the agent of the company. This agent is the person who acts as the representative of the company. Eighth, you must provide a Certificate of Authority. A Certificate of Authority is issued when a company has a director. It is also needed if the company wants to issue another of the certificate.

Ninth, the Certificate of Authority will be issued for three years. It is used to authorize the directors, shareholders, and the general partner to act on behalf of the company. It is not necessary that the shareholders and the general partner will be members of the company.

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