Epoxy Floor Chattanooga is a leading producer and distributor of epoxy floors, garage floors, and pool floors in the U.S. Epoxy flooring is a kind of thermo-plastic coating that can be applied to any kind of solid surface. The epoxy is thermo-plastic that contains an activated carbon that makes it capable of withstanding heat and the effects of weathering. The layers of the coating are bonded together through a process called electrostatic attraction using an electrical charge. Epoxy Floor Chattanooga is primarily used for industrial flooring but has found its way into residential buildings as well.

Epoxy Floor Chattanooga

Epoxy Floor Chattanooga is available in different thicknesses and designs that can suit the requirements of different users. Some epoxy floors are also available in tiles and are popularly known as epoxy tiles. Some popular uses of epoxy floors in the residential field include kitchen floors, bathroom floors, basement floors, swimming pool floors, school floors, hospital floors and industrial floors. These epoxy floors provide great resistance to extreme temperatures, which mean that they can be used in places where heat may be a problem. Epoxy Floor Chattanooga also resists moisture, stains, oil and grease which further make it popular.

Epoxy Floor Chattanooga provides a great number of benefits over natural flooring. Its chemical resistance allows it to withstand oil and grease, which are usually caused by industrial spills, deep foot traffic, and general everyday wear and tear. Epoxy flooring also offers the advantage of having a nearly impenetrable finish that can withstand knives, cans, skis, and other pointed objects that may be dropped on the floor. Epoxy flooring does not dent or scratch making it perfect for outdoor areas.

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