“The Karate Bondi” is an instructional course on the finer points of Japanese martial arts and can be found online. This is one of those rare opportunities to get inside the Karate studio and actually practice your moves with a qualified instructor, while getting a thorough demonstration of how the technique should be done in real life. The instructor, Ben Potter, has traveled extensively over the years teaching Japanese martial arts and has developed a technique that will help anyone who wants to learn.

Karate Bondi

North Bondi offering Karate Classes

In this introductory class you will get to learn basic hand techniques, stances, karate (Karate-Do) techniques and Karate Bondi techniques (Karate-Bondi-Do). Ben also explains the various aspects of Karate (Karate-Do) and teaches you the correct methods for applying these skills. Some of the techniques taught are; Tai-Chi, Sanda-Ryu, Kata-Do, and Karate-Zangetsu. Ben is an experienced instructor, but he knows the ins and outs of his art. It is clear from the beginning that he and his students are all serious about the art and want to help each other improve. From the way he instructs you to the overall atmosphere that pervades the class, it seems that everyone is in it together.

A good part of the class is where Ben explains in detail the basics of Karate (Karate-Do) and the difference between Karate-Zangetsu. He explains the differences between the two in such a way that even the most inexperienced student will understand the concept. Ben is also very informative when it comes to explaining the different techniques of Karate (Karate-Do). One of the most useful techniques discussed in the class is the “Karate-Do Eye Sweep.” This technique is used in almost all forms of Karate and is a very important one as it can prove very difficult to defend against, especially when used to its full potential. Ben explains in great detail how to perform this technique and demonstrates the different positions that it can be used in and also explains why a lot of Karate masters will often use the technique during a fight. The class also discusses some of the best defense techniques that are often overlooked by a lot of new students, which will give them an edge over their opponents when it comes to real world Karate fights.

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