Shepparton has a rich history which it gladly shows today alongside a solid spotlight on workmanship and culture. Also, the town has built up a progression of family-friendly attractions which will please parents and kids the same. Why not make Shepparton your next family occasion objective? You won’t be disappointed. 

Here are the things to explore that is needed in your Shepparton to-do list:





Aquamoves is Greater Shepparton+’s premier recreational center, found centrally in Shepparton close to the Victoria Park Lake and All Abilities Playground. 

The indoor pool facilities give long stretches of fun with the Rapid River, Water Slide, and Tarzan Swing. Different features incorporate a relaxation pool, a 25-meter pool, a hydrotherapy pool, and spas, and a sauna. The center additionally flaunts an outside 50-meter pool. 

A vast gym and over 80 group wellness classes every week offer an incredible exercise experience. 

Aquamoves is an assorted club, giving facilities and services to the wider community. They have been important for the Goulburn Valley district for more than 17 years and have created numerous projects to cater to all abilities. 


Unwind and revive your batteries at Victoria Park Lake 

Do you appreciate going for long relaxing strolls? At that point, Victoria Park Lake is the ideal objective only for this activity. Take time to appreciate the excellent views that the finished lake offers with its prepped trees and abundant birdlife. Victoria Lake is the ideal spot for picnics and highlights a swimming complex, which just expands the lake’s versatility. 


Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) 

One of the top provincial art museums in Australia is in Shepparton. 

This was established in 1936, and divulged award-winning designs for an electrifying new, naturally inviting structure in 2017. In April 2020, work was scheduled to be finished by 2021. SAM stays open to the general population, notwithstanding a coronavirus closure, introducing an assortment that has been increased over 80 years. 

For 50 of these, the museum has had practical experience in local and global ceramics, traversing a few hundred years and including contemporary indigenous pottery. 

As well as choices from this significant assortment, there will be up to seven displays going on while you visit, while SAM likewise curates an energetic timetable of programs and events. 


Furphy Museum 

Furphy has been operating in Shepparton since 1864. However, it was in WWI that the Furphy Water Cart, a water barrel mounted on a horse-drawn cart, came into prominence. The Furphy Museum is devoted not exclusively to its namesake water cart but shows the 150-year history of the organization which has advanced from a blacksmith and wheelwright into the a-list and award-winning engineering business it is today. 


Belstack Strawberry Farm 

You haven’t encountered the genuine kind of fresh fruit until you pick your own. 

Belstack’s strawberries are developed without synthetic compounds so they taste yummy and remain fresh longer. Also, Picking your Own is bunches of fun as well! 

You can look at the broad scope of gourmet foods including the Belstack Strawberry Farm scope of jams and sauces. Top choices incorporate ‘Bloody Hot’ Tomato Chili Sauce and the assortments of berry fruit sauces for ice cream, hotcakes, and desserts. 

You can likewise unwind with a scrumptious Strawberry Sundae at the Belstack Strawberry Farm. 



Fun Times at Shepparton Maude Street Mall 

Maude Street Mall is situated in Shepparton’s central business district and is effortlessly accessible. Guests approach a scope of shops and comforts, for example, Target, Telstra, and Bendigo Bank. Furthermore, if you’re visiting over the holidays, at that point, you’ll discover a lot of fun activities for younger students organized by the local council. 


These are only a couple of the pleasant exercises that you can do in Shepparton. Have fun in Shepparton!


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