Permanent cosmetics has actually ended up being more and more mainstream, as people realise how remarkable the results you can attain can be. Now, there are numerous extraordinary irreversible makeup artists across Australia– and all over the world!


Choosing the ideal artist is a big factor in getting the professional improvements that you are searching for. However, with so many artists out there, how do you choose which one to choose?

How Do I Find A Great Permanent Makeup Artist?

Do you have testimonials or great evaluations? You need to see what their previous clients need to say. Word of mouth and an artist that’s advised by others is extremely handy when making your choice. 

If they have actually been working in the long-term makeup field for enough time, they ought to have good evaluations to show it.

Be Wary Of Inexpensive Offers

With there being many artists in the UK, some irreversible makeup artists will provide deals from time-to-time to stand out from the pack. 

Ask yourself– why is this artist charging so little? Pricing does not always reflect the skill or level of the artist, so make sure you think about other elements too.


Much like with any product and services, word of mouth is often the most credible and sincere type of review. If an artist has been ruffling feathers in the market with a quick Google search, you can figure out pretty quickly. 

Simply plug their name and service into the search bar and it’ll quite rapidly-produce any warnings. Also run your eye over their Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews to make certain there’s a basic agreement in the level of service. 

For me, the client comes 2nd only to the eyebrow artistry itself. Everyone who enters my room is dealt with like a coffee date with a buddy, and you’ll often go out knowing even more about me than you expected to. And this, along with my attention to detail, is something that continuously shows up in evaluations.

Salon & Equipment

No matter how great an artist’s brows are, if their beauty parlour remains in bad nick– GET THE HECK OUT. Cosmetic procedures like micro-blading need very sterile environments to avoid any treatment complications. If you stroll into service to find the tattooing bed in the middle of a beauty parlour, that’s an instant warning since you’re exposed to all sorts of sprays and other nasties.

Go To The Store

We constantly advise paying the store or studio a visit before your appointment.

Going to a store is the only way you can be sure the place looks sanitary and safe. Pictures only reveal a lot, and the last thing you desire is to be catfished by a studio that will leave an enduring mark on your body.

Do you see expert tattoo beds and chairs? Do you see clean countertops and organized studio equipment?


Do not be afraid to ask if the artist has all certifications needed by local law. In Australia, micro-pigmentation suppliers and their establishments require to be licensed by the local Board of Health. 

This certification guarantees that the artist isn’t reusing needles has appropriate disposal for waste, finished health-related training and practices correct sanitation methods, among other security considerations.


You wouldn’t work with a makeup artist or hairdresser without seeing samples of his or her work, so use the same logic to your look for a long-term makeup artist. Ask to see images of previous customers so you can get an idea of the professional’s style, method and general ability. Many artists will have a portfolio on hand and will be more than happy to review it with you. Check Rachel Bebe’s Cosmetic tattoo in Mt. Eliza over this website and see their other cosmetic tattoo services too.

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