The fourth benefit is that it doesn’t require any manual effort from you here. You can create it yourself and there’s no need to call out someone for technical support. This way you can focus on making more money online. The fifth benefit is the monetization solution. They provide a complete suite of income-generating tools. When you do your search you’ll find different types of modules. The four most popular ones are the advertising solution, the auto-responder solution, the lead capture solution, and the free domain name.

How Does Clickfunnels Work here?

Finally, I have to talk about the customer service that Michael Pedrotti provides. I got answers to all of my questions before they were even in my inbox. That’s incredible, especially when you consider how busy I was with my own business. The top thing I realized about ClickFunnels is that they offer some really good guidance and training on their website. I’m a subscriber of their newsletter and have read many of their articles as well.

I believe it was Mike Plunkett who said “You may be the only one that knows what you’re looking for and can provide it. I think there’s an absolute need for this kind of service.” His words really resonate with me when I think about how much training I was getting with my business.

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