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A personal injury Attorney Spokane WA can help you a great deal if you have been injured at work, but don’t know who to turn to. The first thing that should be made clear with you is that there will be paperwork that has to be filed with the employer and that they are required to keep these records confidential. It’s important for you to understand what these documents are and why you need them so that when you speak to your personal injury attorney he or she has the right information that they need to know to help you. This will help them to represent you fairly in your situation.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Spokane WA

If your medical treatment as a result of being injured on the job requires that you undergo surgery or that you miss work time, the employer may require you to submit a written statement that states the reason for the missed time from work as well as the amount of money lost due to the surgery or other medical treatment. This could also apply if you have any pain or suffering that has resulted from the injury. This is all part of what your personal injury attorney in Spokane WA is going to be focusing on for you.

This statement is going to be an itemized list of your medical treatment and it’s also going to be a statement that describes the actual results of the surgery or medical treatment that you have had to receive as a result of being injured on the job. Once your personal injury lawyer in Spokane WA has this information, he or she will be able to assess whether or not you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. Injuries like these that occur on the job are often very serious and can have dire consequences. You want to be sure that if you do file a claim that you are properly represented and that your personal injury attorney in Spokane WA is representing you in the best way possible. If you do this, you will find that the support that you need is just what you need to get back on track and move forward in your life.

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